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Sunkissed Tanning's professional team is set up backstage and on-site for several nationwide NPC body building competitions. Our trained professionals apply one coat of Jan Tana "High-Definition Competition Color" product one day prior to your show day, another coat of Jan Tana "Ultra-1" product the morning of your show day, and we are always available to touch up your color as needed as well as Glaze for both Prejudging and The Finals. We ensure that your tan is flawless every step of the way!

Don't let your hard work go to waste. A professional tan will help highlight the muscle tone and muscle definition that judges are looking for. If you are serious about winning your competition, let the Sunkissed Experts give you "The Award Winning Color".

May 11, 2013 IFBB/NPC

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June 22, 2013 NPC

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August 10, 2013 NPC

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October 19, 2013 NPC

November 2, 2013 NPC

November 9, 2013 NPC

For Best Tanning Results Follow the Instructions Below:

•The week before competition use Jan Tana Skin Prep daily to remove dead skin and prepare for tanning.

• After your shower use Jan Tana Moisturizing Lotion to nourish and condition skin.

• Waxing, shaving or any type of hair removal, other than on the face, should be done the night before tanning. After removing hair, apply Jan Tana Moisturizer to soothe skin and help prevent irritation.

• Just before you come to tan, shower with Jan Tana Skin Prep to neutralize the skin's pH and ensure even absorption of color. Scrub skin thoroughly and DO NOT forget to scrub neck, back and under your arms.

• DO NOT use deodorant, lotion or apply anything to the skin the day of tanning.

• Come with hair up and bring a shower cap to cover head. Wear a big shirt and baggy pants. NO SPANDEX!

• DO NOT SHOWER until after your competition. Showering will remove the dark bronzer and reveal a natural looking sunless tan... The Perfect Color for a Photo Shoot!